Ka Trinité

Adapted from the famous icon of d'Andrei Rublev

Reducing the biblical scene (Gen. 18, 1 - 8) of the Hospitality of Abraham to the essentials, Andrei Roublev presents three angels depicting the mystery of the Holy Trinity. These angels are inscribed in the circle of the divine Perfection which have for center the chalice: the Eucharist is the center of the dialogue between the three Persons of the Trinity.
The difficulties that appear when you try to identify the angels may indicate that the intention of the artist was not to guide the faithful to one or another of the Persons of the Trinity, but to lead the viewer, relying on a biblical image, to the contemplation of the mystery of God in three Persons.

The drawing of the icon
Engraving and gilding
Drawing and colouring the left-hand angel
Drawing the right-hand angel
The coloration of the right-hand angel
The red dress of the angel in the center
Lining the blue clothes
The first coloration of blue
Lining the wings, the clavus, furniture...
The colouring of the wings, the clavus and furniture
Colouring the mountain
Colouring the tree
The house
The table and the bases
The ground and the down of the feathers
Lining the flesh
The basic sanquir (proplasmos)
Modelling and glazing
Harmonising the tones
The first highlight (except the flesh)
The second highlight (except the flesh)
The clavus, the cup and wings..
The final work on the thrones, the ground a.nd the table
Retracing the lines on the whole icon
The first highlight of the flesh
The second highlight of the flesh
The third highlight
The hair and the sandal
The table and the haloes
Finishing the icon


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