Ka Trinité


The colour is made with kitrino ochre and a point of chrome yellow. The highlight lines are drawn in the manner of gold assist rays and some of them are underlined with a dark colour: a mixture of yellow ochre and burnt umber.

The ground

To make the furniture stand out, we have encircled them with a puddle of pure green earth. Apply the colour along the thrones and bases, pushing the pigments in their direction... Once the puddle was very dry, we applied a glaze (emulsion 50% / water 50% / a point of green earth) onto the whole area of the ground to unify and fix the colour.

The frontage of the table

In the same way as for the ground, strengthen the colour of the frontage of the table laying a puddle made of yellow ochre, a point of veronese green and a touch of burnt umber. Push the pigments towards the clothes of the left and right angels… This will make them stand out a little bit more

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Retracing the lines on the whole icon

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