Ka Trinité

Retracing the lines

Inevitably, the various highlight layers overflow and make some of the lines of the painting disappear. Thus, it is necessary to retrace them all before applying the final highlights, to clarify their limits. Nevertheless, these lines must not be retraced in a mechanical or systematic way in order to eliminate the risk of dullness. An accentuation of some of them is very visible on the original and they give life and movement to the icon. Pay special attention while retracing the lines of the three angels, keep the same force of expression of the lines for the three characters. On our icon, the green garment was very contrasted with strong lines so we tried to balance this force contrasting a little more the left angel. We strengthened the lines of his red / yellow ochre dress to give him more presence.

Finally we retraced the lines of the flesh with Siena natural earth to prepare the first highlight...

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The first highlight of the flesh

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