The Holy Trinity (Rublev)


The Holy Trinity

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Icon nb 37

Size : 42 x 35 cm.

Lime board

Gilded background. Egg tempera.

Reducing the biblical scene (Gen. 18, 1 - 8) of the Hospitality of Abraham to the essentials, Andrei Rublev presents three angels depicting the mystery of the Holy Trinity. These angels are inscribed in the circle of the divine Perfection having for center the chalice: the Eucharist is the center of the dialogue between the three Persons of the Trinity.
Difficulties appear when you try to identify the angels : they may indicate that the intention of the artist was not to guide the faithful to one or another of the Persons of the Trinity, but to lead the viewer, leaning on a biblical image, to the contemplation of the Mystery of God in three Persons.

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