St Anna and Joachim at the Golden Gate


Anna and Joachim

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Icon nb 36

Size : 28 x 34 cm.

Lime board

Gilded haloes and background. Egg tempera.

But when he had been there for some time, on a certain day when he was alone, the angel of the Lord stood by him in a prodigious light.
To whom, being troubled at the appearance, the angel who had appeared to him endeavored to compose him by saying:
Be not afraid, Joachim, nor troubled at the sight of me, for I am an angel of the Lord sent by him to you, that I might inform you that your prayers are heard and your alms have ascended to the sight of God.
... /...
And this shall be a sign to you of the things which I declare, namely, when you come to the golden gate of Jerusalem, you will there meet your wife Anna, who being very much troubled that you returned no sooner, will then rejoice to see you.
When the angel had said this, he departed from him.

The Gospel of the birth of Mary (Apocryphal book)

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