La Mère de Dieu de Vladimir

Our version of the icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir has been adapted from a drawing of the Reverend Father Egon Sendler, and from the original open for public worship at the Tretyakov Gallery's chapel in Moscow.

The drawing
The engraving
The gilding
Lining the maphorion
First layer of the garment
Colouring the maphorion
Modelling the maphorion
Last colouring of the maphorion
Colouring the braids and the chiton
Lining the flesh
Colouring the flesh and the background
First highlights of the flesh
Second highlights of the flesh
Third highlights of the fles
Lining and contrasting the flesh
The final lights, the hair and the blue
Assist gilding - Preliminary step
Assist gilding
Finishing the icon


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