Saint Antony the Great


Saint Anthony the Great

Icon nb 22

Size : 42 x 18 cm.

Linden board

Gilded halo. Egg tempera.

Saint Antony the Great was born in 250 in Coma, Egypt. When he was about 20 years, he devoted himself to the ascetic life and retired to a cell to pray and meditate. Fifteen years later, he moved alone to the desert near the Nile and redoubled depriving himself during twenty years. At the term of these long years of solitude, he accepted disciples and founded two convents at Fayoum and Pispir. Father of all the monks as he was the first to organize the life of the religious communities, he died in 356 in his hermitage on the Mountain Kolzim, near the Red Sea, surrounded with Saint Athanasius and Saint Serapion of Thmuis.



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