Saint Ambrose


Saint Ambrose

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Icon nb 19

Size : 22 x 17 cm.

Linden board

Egg tempera.

Saint Ambrose was born in Treves, Italy in 349, in a noble family converted to Christianity. One day he slept in his cradle, bees penetrated into his mouth, come out and then flew up towards the sky. It was a presage of his great eloquence and this fact made him the Patron Saint of the bee-keepers. He became bishop of Milan and contributed to condemn arianism. Despite of his high position, he wrote many books and splendid liturgical hymns, he spread the doctrines of the Greek Fathers in the Latin world and had Saint Augustin as a disciple. Saint Ambrose remains are kept in the basilica of Milan where he died the 4th of April 397.



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