The Holy Face Acheiropoietos


The Saviour Acheiropoietos

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Icon nb 6

Size : 26 x 19 cm.

Linden board

Gilded halo. Egg tempera.

Called "Acheiropoietos", meaning: "Not made by human hand", this icon, according to Nicephore Caliste, is the copy of the original picture sent by Christ Himself to the King Abgar V Oukhama, the Prince of Osroeme, which capital was Edesse. King Abgar V, being leprous, asked his archivist Hannan to bring Christ to him. As Christ was not able to travel, Hannan tried, in vain, to paint a portrait of Him. Therefore, He himself took a piece of white linen, applied it to his Face and made an imprint of it on the cloth. This linen is called the Mandylion, which means "towel". When King Abgar saw the Mandylion he was cured.



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