The Deesis


Icon nb 1

Size of the icon of Christ : 42 x 31 cm.

Linden boards.

Gilded haloes and backgrounds. Egg tempera. Assist.

The deesis is a composition which has a depiction of Christ in Majesty in the centre with the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist to the sides of him and turning to face him. The composition is an expression of the idea of the saints interceding with Christ on behalf of mankind.

Deesis Deesis Deesis

In this icon Christ is shown seated on a throne with his feet on a footstool. The Savior is encircled by Saraphim and Cherubim. He appears above all the Creator and Lord of the whole universe. It reflects the combined visions of Isaiah 66:1 "... with heaven my throne and earth my footstool", and Ezekiels' vision of the "chariot of God," and the "four living creatures"--man, lion, ox and eagle-- relating to the four evangelists.

Christ the Lord holds the open book of the Gospel and raises his hand in blessing.

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