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Saint-Andrew workshop is a community of independant iconographers who follow the teachings of Father Egon Sendler and work in cooperation with Saint-Georges workshop of Meudon.

Their purpose is to spread the beauty of Christianity through byzantine art. Their murals, portable frescoes and icons strictly adhere the canonical and aesthetic rules of traditional iconography which have developed through the past two thousand years.

Members of the workshop.

Philippe Grall Philippe Grall, Lausanne, Switzerland

Has been writing icons since 1992,
and became a student of Father Sendler in 1994. He started to paint frescoes in 1997.
Cecilia Bondolfi, Saint-Maurice, Switzerland

Writes icons and has been a student of Father Sendler since 1992.
Cecilia Bondolfi
Anne Lombard Anne Lombard, Thonon, France

Written icons with Father Sendler for twenty-five years and began painting frescoes in 1997
Michel Le Bars, Lausanne, Switzerland

Has been to painting frescoes since 1999.
Michel Le Bars

The icon workshop

Icon workshop 1

The portable fresco workshop

Fresco workshop 1 Fresco workshop 2

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