Atelier saint André The decoration of St Georges chapel
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The chapel

The decoration of the front wall

August 1999

Since 1997, an applied training course in fresco has been presented at Publier (France) under the direction of Father Egon Sendler who has been assisted by Sister Nathalie and Philippe Grall for the technical application. The 1997 and 1998 courses were devoted to decoration of the interior of the chapel and during the ten day workshop of 1999 to the decoration of the main front façade.

The scaffolding After gathering materials and mounting the scaffolding, participants took turns to distressing the painted surface of the wall already present in order to allow the lime and mortar mixture to attach.

While this hard work on the wall was taking place other participants were busy reproducing and reducing the scale of the overall plan for the front wall. And they composed a decorative plan based on the subject of the Holy Trinity

The drawing of two Doctors of the Church, Saint Basil and Saint John Chrysostom intended to take place on the left side of the gate and whose writings are authorities on the subject of the Holy Trinity.
Saint Basil and Saint John Chrysostom
The kraft paper

Charcoal reproduction of part of the front wall decoration composition to full scale. This is done on kraft paper with highlights and calligraphy.

Drawing of the three Angels of the Hospitality of Abraham depicting the Holy Trinity, inspired of the works of Theophane the Greek and Andrei Roublev.
Reduced scale sketches were used to search for a harmony of colors between the varied parts of the fresco. A reduced scale sketche
Working hard...

François making the highlights...

Sister Nathalie, Sophie and Elisabeth hard at work...

The working place

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

Saint Irene of Lyon
Father Egon Sendler modeling the face of Saint John Chrysostom.

The offering of Abraham

The offering of Abraham
The finished front wall

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