Saint Cosmas


Saint Cosmas

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Icon nb 76

Size : 28 x 12 cm.

Lime board

Gilded halo. Egg tempera.

Saints Cosmas and Damianos were from Rome. They lived during the reign of Carinius and were doctors by profession. Curing both people and animals, these men were also teachers of the Christian religion. When Carinius heard about these men, he invited them to his palace. The doctors came to the palace and told him about Christ being the True God. The ruler was so impressed that he became a Christian. The event which convinced the Emperor to become a Christian was a miracle performed by these Saints. The Emperor had threatened to punish them if they did not pray to the idol which was in the palace. Suddenly, the head of this idol was reversed. With the help of God, the Saints turned the head again to its previous position. This not only converted the Emperor, but also all who were present and saw the miracle. >>>read more...

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